Merk: Louisville Slugger
Model: 302.222
Excl. BTW: €107,44
Prijs in spaarpunten: 1600

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? X-1 Composite Technology.
? 2 5/8 inch barrel, -3oz, BESR certified.
? Synthetic Grip, 31/32" handle.
? Louisville Slugger endcap.
? X-1 Composite Technology--100% aerospace grade graphite.

? With composites, performance and durablity are dictated by the angle of the fibers and the wall thickness of the barrel. High-strength fibers allow the best angle for performance while keeping the barrel wall thin for maximum flexibility.
? A specially-designed toughened epoxy resin is embedded in the graphite fibers, locking the graphite layers together, forming a light, durable thin wall design. The exlusive manufacturing process eliminates air between graphite layers, giving players the ultimate combination of performance and durability.
? Multiple layers of aerospace grade graphite. High strength thin graphite fibers allows more layers for durablity and still design a light, thin wall ofr bat performance.
? Computer-designed pattern precisely positions the angles of graphite layers, resulting in a stiff handle/transition and an extra long flexible barrel for a huge sweet spot and outstanding performance.